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Ancillary Products

In addition to our core products, we offer a comprehensive assortment of additional products like Pet Band, Silver Alloy Wire, Thermoplastic Polyester, Mylar Insulation Roll, etc., under our Ancillary Products range. The full spectrum of products we offer under this category can be tailor made as per needs and requirements of clients and these products are also offered at extremely pocket friendly prices. Our selection of Ancillary Products are made to complement our standard product range and we capitalize on our decades of industry experience to make these products readily available to customers based all over the world.

  • Quality parameters are strictly followed during product design
  • All products align with industrial technology followed in standard product manufacturing
  • Price quotes offered are competitive
  • All products are offered in the form of ready to be deployed solutions
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Mylar Insulation Sheet

Mylar Insulation Sheet is manufactured by copolymerizing ethylene glycol & terephthalic acid and shaped according to the need. It is used to provide heat resistance to electronic appliances, magnetic media, and temperature sensitive materials while transporting. This sheet can also be utilized for different industrial applications due to its high durability, flexibility, and optimum strength. It also provides electrical insulation in combination with good tensile strength, dimensional stability, transparency, and refraction.

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Insulating Band

Insulating Asecond Band is a type of vacuum sealant which is required to seal bags in an efficient manner. Made from premium grade engineered plastic, it can also be utilized for joining metal made tools & molds. This band is known to have excellent adhesion property, high tear resistance, good tensile strength, and ability to withstand high temperature. It can be availed in different width sizes and colors specifically required according to the type of use.

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Shrink Tape

Shrink Tape is a polyolefin based material having heat melted adhesive layer for excellent adhesiveness. It is used while repairing electrical insulation & cabling. It is designed to be used for securing and sealing electrical components. This tape also provides protection from moisture debris, and wire pull out. It is known to have high tensile strength and can be availed in different width & thicknesses.

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Mylar Insulation Roll

Mylar Insulation Roll is a strong polyester material which possesses great strength, high heat resistance, and supreme insulating properties. It finds its application as an insulating material for houses, batteries, capacitors, dielectrics, and packaging of temperature sensitive goods. Also known as biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate, this material has good gas & aroma barrier property, excellent tensile strength, and dimensional stability. It is known to provide increased shelf life and freshness to packaged food material.

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Vulcanized Rods

Vulcanized Rods are used as electrical insulating assemblies that are commonly die cut and machined. Also known as fish paper, it is known to have high strength and excellent insulating properties. Made from soft rubbery material, this rod has hardness of about 30 to 35 degree shore. It is used for barriers, bobbin heads, material handling equipments, abrasive disk backing, and for rail track insulation as well.

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Pet Band

Pet Band is manufactured using rich quality poly ethylene resin material, which is known for its high tensile strength, great wear resistance and ability to withstand high weight. It is extensively used in logistics, packaging industry, and cotton bale manufacturing sector. This band is utilized for tying metal ingots, construction assemblies, and wooden boxes in an organized manner for transporting to different places. It can be availed in various colors for coding of packed items.

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Thermoplastic Insulation Materials

Thermoplastic Insulation Materials (Thermoplastic Polyester) is an engineered product which is based on polybutylene terephthalate & polyethylene terephthalate. It finds its extensive use in textile industry as a polyester fabric for manufacturing of garments. This material is also utilized for manufacturing industrial tanks, insulating assemblies, & in electrical appliances due to its great balance of strength, stiffness, & toughness, heat aging resistance, and exceptional dimensional stability.

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Silver Alloy Wire

Silver Alloy Wire is extensively used in semiconductor industry due to its excellent thermal conductivity and great electrical property. It is softer as compared to PCC which lowers the risk of bond pad damage. This wire is an ideal choice for die to die & waterfall bonding, ultra fine bond patch pitch & for small bond openings, and for ultra loop height applications. It is highly appreciated for its great tensile strength and break resistant nature.

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Silver Solder Wire

Silver Solder Wire is mainly used for brazing or welding purpose by melting at high temperatures. It is comprised of a flux inside the core which enhances its mechanical strength and improves electrical contact. This wire is highly appreciated for its easy solderability and uniform appearance after soldering. It has non-corrosive nature with supreme finish and can be utilized in printed circuit boards, electronic devices, and during manufacturing of home appliances.

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Silver Solder Stick

Silver Solder Stick is required for joining various electrical components including capacitors, resistors, & transformers on printed circuit boards and other assemblies of electrical devices. It is applied by melting at high temperature and provides impeccable surface finish. Made from premium grade silver alloy, it can be availed in different widths and lengths specifically required according to the use. This stick is resistant from corrosion and can also be used to connect brass or copper alloys.

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Insulation Kitt Band

Kitt Band is a type of sealing material required for taping vacuum bagging films and surface of the molding tool. It is highly appreciated for its excellent adhesion, resistance from high heat, and ability to stick on composite and metallic tools. This band is manufactured using rich quality polymer material owing to its great tensile strength and long lasting nature. It is available in different dimensional specifications, colors, and roll lengths.