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Motors Insulation Materials

Motors Insulation Materials we deal in are offered in various types and are characterized by excellent electrical characteristics & tearing resistance. Developed in sync with latest technology, these insulation materials also exhibit good flexibility, versatility, flexural strength, foldability, etc. Punching property and surface smoothness of these materials are also one of a kind with each product having a capacity to readily absorb all kinds of impregnating agents. These insulation materials we provide under this category with their superior features are considered suitable solutions for meeting needs of electrical insulation, composites, electronic materials, and more. Good mechanical strength, proven performance and exceptional thermal protection properties make Motors Insulation Materials we offer enjoy heavy demand across various industries today.

  • Can cater to demanding applications with their special chemical & mechanical properties
  • Good chemical compatibility & resists any kind of damages due to harsh chemicals
  • Good heat resistance and remain unaffected by temperature variations
  • Also delivers proven performance in humid environments
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Side Beam Insulation

Side Beam Insulation is essential while constructing a building as a metallic structure with a better heat conductor is much important. The insulating material can be spray foam, foam board, batts or rolls, and skirting. It can also provide some extra strength from windy weather, vapor barrier in humid conditions, and indoor & outdoor temperatures. This can also act as roof ventilation and provides sufficient ventilation through the air gap along the ridgeline.

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Field Coil Flange

Field Coil Flange finds its application in generators, motors, electrical instruments, transformers, and vacuum cleaner as well. It helps field coil in generating a magnetic field with the help of current carrying wires. This flange acts as insulating part between coil & a pole shoe or the other member carrying the pole body. It is known for its high strength, symmetrical appearance, and reduced magnetic leakage.

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Bolt Insulation

Bolt Insulation is used to prevent metal to metal contact between two flanges to prevent stray current from causing undue corrosion to the structure. It can be made from a variety of materials including glass epoxy, mylar, phenolic, or PTFE. This insulating assembly is utilized in gas, oil, chemical, & metal processing industries, and refineries as well. It ensures safe and efficient flow of liquids, distribution, and transmission.

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Insulation Cable Clamp

Insulation Cable Clamp is required to prevent electrical surges from reaching customer’s houses. Made from high quality UV resistant plastic, it is also utilized to support different wires & cables for securing them. This clamp is known for its light weight, high wear resistance, excellent insulating property, and anti-aging nature. It consists of a ‘U’ shaped bolt structure with two nut fastening holes.

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Motor Insulation Plate

Motor Insulation Plate is required to provide thermal insulation, mechanical toughness, and is compatible with adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricating oils, and refrigerants. It also helps to withstand stress generated by torque and high frequency spikes. This plate can be made from transformer board or capacitor tissue according to the density required. It is known to have optimum insulation resistance and dielectric absorption ratio.

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Insulation Corrugated Board

Insulation Corrugated Board is made from sulfate pulp that ensures excellent compatibility with liquid dielectric and low shrinkage. It can be used in transformers owing to its high mechanical strength and purity. This board has great tensile strength, heat resistance, and has a lamination of non woven polyester fiber. It can be shaped into different structures according to the type & size of equipment.

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Heat Insulation Plate

Heat Insulation Plate is used in electrical appliances, circuit boards, transformers, and commutator V rings. It is available in fiberglass, cellulose, polyurethane foam, and polystyrene make options. This plate has three heat transmission modes including conduction where energy is passed through a solid, convection by which energy is transferred from one place3 to another, and radiation where heat is transmitted in the form of light. It helps in improving the product quality by uniform heat distribution.

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Insulation Motor Flange

Insulation Motor Flange is must in order to prevent effects of corrosion to the casting & attached assemblies. Made from high quality G10 glass epoxy, it can also enhance the effectiveness of cathodic systems required for eliminating the electrolytic corrosion. This motor flange is highly appreciated for its great dielectric strength, high heat resistance, and complete sealability. It also eliminates the chances of connection between two metallic flanges that might result in motor failure.

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Insulation Washer

Insulation Washer is utilized in various household appliances, motor, generator, transformer, and some industrial machines as well. Made from premium quality fiber material, it is known to have great heat & electrical resistance, high pressure bearing capacity, and long lasting nature. This washer is also provided with holes for fastening nuts in order to hold it at a fixed place. It can be availed in different dimensional specifications as suggested by the customer according to the need.