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Rail Insulation Materials

With an aim to address challenging requirements of the railways industry, we present a range of Rail Insulation Materials under this product category. This category covers high performance and precisely made insulation products including insulating plates, clamp plates, etc., that are designed to provide good thermal and acoustic performance. The most demanding hazard level requirement of railways are also taken into consideration while engineering these innovative Rail Insulation Materials of various types that we offer. Plus, all the materials strictly comply with fire and safety regulations as demanded by the railways industry.

  • All materials specially fabricated with great attention to detail
  • Good fatigue resistance and exceptional insulation provided on every material
  • All materials are embedded with advanced fire protection features
  • Different specifications and sizes of insulation materials on offer
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Bottom Plate Insulation

Bottom Plate Insulation is made from top quality fiberglass material and is known to have uniform thickness throughout the structure. It is required in numerous electronic appliances & industrial machines that generates high amount of heat while operation. This plate also prevents wire and other conducting metallic assemblies from contacting each other that might result in equipment failure. It is also provided with nut fastening holes according to the requirement of the customer. 

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Clamp Plate

Clamp Plate is mainly utilized to fix belt ends to the housing in linear technology and motion control applications. It is a type of fastening assembly which prevents separation or movement of attached assemblies. This plate is designed having teethes on its edges that helps in preventing cord fatigue. It is highly appreciated for the capability to withstand overpressure situations, sudden shock, and prevention of excessive clamping force.

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Rail Clamp Plate

Rail Clamp Plate is utilized in combination with tie plate & bolt in order to join other supportive assemblies to create a whole part. It is used as an assembly for keeping rail track stable, fixing rails on the sleepers, and to keep a specific gauge distance from their movement. This clamp is known for its high rigidity and assurance of transport safety. It is the main fastener which is applied to clamping system which has zero elasticity.

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Cork Rubber Pads

Cork Rubber Pads are used as vibration dampeners in washing machines, industrial motors, machines, equipment, and speakers. They are made from high quality rubber material having anti vibratory and sound suppressing properties. These pads are available as mats, washers, grommets, sheets, and corrugated structures with different thicknesses. They provide a long lasting cushioned surface for various home appliances. These pads are completely suitable to be used in harsh environments and are known to have high resistance to oil & water.

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Rail Insulation Plate

Rail Insulation Plate is required for reducing vibrations caused by the track for complete safety of transportation. It adjusts rail gauge and insulates it from ties and clips as well. This plate can be made from thermo polymer fiber, elastic polyurethane, or carbon steel by forging, casting, and rolling. It also helps in reducing fatigue cracking of concrete ties and is known to have specific load deflection characteristics.

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Rail Insulating Plate

Rail Insulating Plate is suitable to be used for transit & mining systems, automated & electric railways, grade crossings, signal locations, and retarder yards. It is known to have sturdy polyurethane insulation which is bonded to micro-alloy joint bar sections. This plate is highly admired for its tough performance, long lasting nature, and high pressure bearing capacity. It also cushions vibration and reduces noise generated by the vehicle.

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Epoxy Insulation Plate

Epoxy Insulation Plate is known to have great tensile, compressive, & flexural strength and high thermal resistance as well. Made from rich quality epoxy resins, it can be used for printed circuit boards by laminating a thin layer of copper to one or both sides. This plate also has low moisture absorption, chemical resistance, and excellent electrical insulating nature. It can also be utilized in manufacturing of relays, standoffs, busbars, arc shield transformers, and screw terminal strips.