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Transformers Insulation Materials

Insulation materials used are vital to determining and enhancing the service life of transformers. Utilization of the right quality and reliable insulating material warrants that a transformer gives fail safe performance under various operating conditions. We focus on providing Transformers Insulation Materials of different types under this category that we carefully make investing hi tech equipment and experienced manpower. The electrical, thermal, physical, chemical, and  mechanical characteristics of these materials are thoroughly analyzed so that the insulation they provide is up to the mark at all times. Our Transformers Insulation Materials can be used in both distribution and power transformers, and in transformers that are of liquid-filled as well as dry-type.

  • A complete and comprehensive range of insulation products
  • Excellent temperature withstanding capability
  • Designed keeping set safety standards in mind
  • All products deliver good chemical resistance
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Magnetic Shielding Insulator

Magnetic Shielding Insulator is generally manufactured from premium quality permalloy which is made from a combination of iron-nickel metal. It is required for such equipment and assemblies which needs isolation from surrounding magnetic fields. They work by absorbing the surrounding magnetic waves rather than blocking them in order to prevent them from harming the components of machines. It can also be made from soft ferromagnetic alloy known as Mu-metal for extreme conditions.

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Outer Yoke Band Insulation

Outer Yoke Band Insulation can be manufactured using phenolic paper, fiberglass, pressboard, or FRP material. Insulation is necessary for any machine, fastening assemblies, construction of buildings, and beams as well. It is required to provide resistance from heat, impact, pressure, & rust as well and also for separating two connecting parts for protection against equipment failure. It can be availed in different dimensional configurations as required according to the need of customer.

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Transformer Insulation Sheet

Transformer Insulation Sheet is generally made from unbleached pure cellulose which is extracted from coniferous wood having long fibers. It is completely suitable to be used in oil filled and distribution transformers. This sheet is known to have desired oil impregnability, high mechanical strength, and excellent chemical purity. It is ideal for high current & voltage applications and can be installed at the end of windings in hassle free manner. This sheet can be shaped in various structures according to the components & requirement.

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Yoke Bolt Insulation

Yoke Bolt Insulation is designed having a forged hub, hinged blanking head, operating bolts, split-yoke clamps, and O-ring gasket. It is used to prevent the yoke bolt from corrosion, provide high impact resistance, and extends its life. This insulating assembly is made from premium quality reinforced plastic and is highly appreciated for its durability and great resistance from wear. Closures of yoke type allow smoother operation where largest unit can be opened in quick time.

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Yoke Clamp Insulation

Yoke Clamp Insulation is required in the piping systems of many industries including chemical, metal processing, food & beverage, and automobile. It adds extra strength to the structure and also provides leak proof nature to the complete system. This insulation is required to provide resistance to over heat, separation of noncontacting parts, and also increases the shelf life of clamp.

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Insulation Threaded Rods

Insulation Threaded Rods are manufactured using epoxy resins owing to their high corrosion resistance, excellent strength, and optimum torque generation. They are also known for their vibration dampening and noise reduction properties. These insulating assemblies are widely utilized in industrial machines, erection of pre-engineered structures, and hydraulic engineering, electro-technology plants, and engine construction. They have high axial strength and can be used with insulating tie rods without losing grip.

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YC Insulation Material

YC Insulation Material is made from rich quality fiberglass having excellent strength during tension and compression. Yoke clamp is used to hold piping system firmly at its place and provided extra support to the other units. Insulation helps in reducing the negative impact which results during high pressure situation. Also known as pipe vises, it can also be used in different machines for reducing operational noise and vibration.

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Fiberglass Insulating Washer

Fiberglass Insulating Washer is a flat disc like assembly which is centrally holed having different diameter ranges. It is used as a leak proof component which finds its application in various plumbing parts. This washer is known to have great electrical insulating property and also protects other parts from wear. It is made of rich grade fiberglass and can insulate a screw, rivet, or wire. This washer can also be inserted into housing in order to provide a bearing surface for other assemblies.

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Aluminum Alloy Step Block

Aluminum Alloy Step Block is used to prevent machine surfaces from damage which can be used in combination with different sizes according to the height requirements. It has smooth edges with a supreme surface finish and coated with a rust proof layer. This step block is completely interchangeable in nature with each other, giving the flexibility to adjust as required according to the need.

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Fiberglass Baffle

Fiberglass Baffle finds its application in industrial & municipal sector, water treatment facilities, contact & aeration chambers, and retrofit basins. It is known to have high corrosion resistance, great strength, ability to withstand UV rays, and excellent dimensional stability. This baffle wall system is comprised of fiberglass panels, angles, and framing members. It is ideal for underwater flow control applications and is also known to increase residence time for separating zones.

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Fiberglass Flat Washers

Fiberglass Flat Washers are utilized to provide bearing surface for fastener load distribution and also to separate two components for their smooth working. Made from high quality fiberglass, they are known to have excellent electrical & thermal insulation properties and chemical resistance. These washers can also be used as locking device, spring, shims, and spacers. They are installed in various plumbing devices and electrical appliances to enhance the life & performance of all parts.

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Fiberglass Transformer Washer

Fiberglass Transformer Washer is utilized to separate metallic two or more metallic components from contacting each other to prevent any electrical failure. It is made of high quality fiberglass material which possesses excellent electrical insulation. This washer also works as locking assembly which allows only optimum amount of torque generated by the fastener, thus preventing damage to the connecting assemblies. It is ideal to be used for high voltage distribution and oil filled transformers.

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Fitch Plate YC Insulation

Fitch Plate YC Insulation is widely used in construction of decks, houses, and wooden structures. It is applied between steel made flitch beams in combination with wooden frames. This insulation is known to provide extra strength to the applied area and enhances its life. Made from premium grade epoxy resin, it can be availed in different shapes and dimensional configurations as required by the customer.

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Baffle Plate

Baffle Plate is used to regulate the flow of the liquid and also to prevent its leakage & contamination from foreign matters. It can be fabricated using fiber reinforced plastic which is known for its great strength, high heat resistance, and excellent dimensional stability. This plate can be manufactured in different shapes, sizes, and thickness specifically required for different applications. It can also be availed in a ventilated structure for removing moisture from the compressed air.

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Grosse Rondelle

Grosse Rondelle is a type of washer which is used in various industrial machines, processing systems, and devices as a fastener support. It provides extra strength to the components with high impact resistance and durability. This assembly is also required to separate two components from contacting each other to prevent wear. It can be availed in different dimensional configurations specifically required according to the type of use.

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Inner Cut Step Block

Inner Cut Step Block is made from premium quality insulation material using latest technology by highly skilled professionals. It is widely used in various electrical appliances as a support material for other components. This block is designed having a stairs like structure which is mainly placed at the corners of the equipment. It can also be manufactured from epoxy resins, pressboard, or laminated wood. This block is highly appreciated for its light weight and excellent resistance from heat & electricity.

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Transformer Step Block

Transformer Step Block is used as an adjustable supportive assembly which is required while clamping the work piece. It enhances the performance of the transformer for transferring energy to consumers in corrective and efficient manner. This step block is generally made from virgin cellulose which is extracted from a fibrous coniferous tree. It is available in different dimensional configurations and shapes as required by the customer.